Gary Healey>>>Porcelain Artist  

  Thrown, joined, squashed, facetted limoges porcelain double-necked form, dry copper glaze, 1280C reduction, 20cm wide. photo: PHOTOSMITH
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I work with thrown and altered porcelain. All pieces start on the pottery wheel and are then altered, some slightly and some a lot. Final forms need to be strong and have a quiet beauty. As a result, reject rates are high and all seconds are smashed. My glaze palette tends to be traditional glazes such as copper reds and ash but non-glaze treatments, such as spray-paint, are also used where a form demands it. Experimentation is a key driver of my practice.

My work is held in the Seldon Gill Australia/New Zealand collection, The Myer collection, the Victorian College of the Arts (Margaret Lawrence) collection, the Margaret Evans collection, and with the founders of the Mint Museum of Craft & Design in the United States.

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